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Attitude Heading Reference System, Attitue Heading Indicator

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Attitude Heading Reference System, Attitue Heading Indicator


A 3-axis positioning and rate table is designed for performance testing and calibration of inertial navigation systems.
All of these test tables use high precision ball or cross roller mechanical bearings which are preloaded to minimize axis wobble and friction characteristics. Each test table has a hard, anodized aluminum table platform for mounting the units under test.


Standard Parameters Model 1533
Power requirements 220-240 [V]
Test load capacity 150 lbs. (68kg)
overall dimensions L✕W✕H : 1844✕767✕1900 [mm]
Operating temperature range -50 to +95 [°C]
Encoder output 614,400 [cts/rev]
Position accuracy ± 5 [arc sec] (0.0014 °)
Position resolution 2.1 [arc sec] (0.00058 °)
All axes Maximum Rate 350 [°/sec]
All axes Minimum Rate 0.001 [°/sec]
Rate accuracy above 5 deg/s 0.01 [%]
Rate accuracy less than 5 deg/s 0.0015 [°/sec]

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Attitude Heading Reference System_ Attitue Heading Indicator