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Flight Control Panel, NVIS Decal

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Flight Control Panel, NVIS Decal


Flight Control Panel: Night Vision Imaging System(NVIS) Decal (SAE AS 7788) ARINC429/Discrete Input / Output


At this point of time, I and all our staff members are challenging to high technology field with vision and ingenuous sprit.
We are endeavoring to produce reliable and excellent products with our enormous research activities & accumulated technology.
We are enthusiastically managing our company under the motto of company of Creation, Sincerity, Harmony among men and Management policy of Quality.
We are specialized in manufacturing electronic Sub ASS'Y(wiring harness, converter, sevo motor, controller, driver's display panel,etc) test & check equipment for defense products according to MIL-SPEC & ISO9001. We mostly supplly our products to Doosan, Samsung, Rotem KA, etc.
We will concentrate our efforts on manufacturing cutting-edge technology products which demands will be certainly increased in the near future.

We will be best of the best company which you need. Thank you very Much.

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Flight Control Panel_ NVIS Decal