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Remote Solid State Power Controller, Power Controller

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Remote Solid State Power Controller, Power Controller


The SSPC is based on a remotely controlled system concept with more accurate trip protection operation which provides lower size, light weight, and the most cost effective with unmatched reliability.


  • Specifications
    -Electrical isolation between control and power
    -System protection by I2T & instant trip protection
    -Low standby power and low power dissipation
    -High thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance
    -Lower size, light weight, cost effective with high reliability
    -Registered patent

  • Technical Specifications
    -Rated current: 3A, 5A,10A,15A, 25A, 55A,80A,100A
    -Output response time: 500 ~ 1000
    -I2T & instant trip protection

  • Physical Characteristics
      - A type: 38(L) x 38(W) x 13(H) mm
      - B type: 65(L) x 102(W) x 16(H) mm
      - A type: ≤40g
      - B type: ≤ 260g

  • Operating Temperature
    --45 °C to +85°C

  • Electrical
    -Operating Voltage : +28VDC

  • Interface
    -TTL/CMOS signal

  • Environmental Conditions

  • Applications
    -Unmanned system
    -Ground vehicle

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Remote Solid State Power Controller_ Power Controller